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Confronto is a vegan / vegetarian straightedge political band that started in 1999, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Confronto first CD, "a insurreiþÒo" (The Insurrection), by Cospe Fogo Gravaþ§es, was released in 2001 and in Europe by Circulation Records in 2003, the band plays some really scary and mean metal hardcore. However, this is a band that sings about pertinent issues, about things that really matter. After having toured Brazil with Heaven Shall Burn, as well as countries like Argentina and Chile, very successfully, Confronto will hit Europe really badly with Nueva Etica, from Argentina. Some genuine pissed off political straigthedge from South America here. European pressing, with one bonus track, of their highly acclaimed CD on Circulation. In 2004 Confronto make a furious split with Fall of a Season by Burning Season Records. In 2005, four labels release the new album "Causa Mortis" in Brasil, Xelcambio Release in Argentina and Burning Season will realease that in Europe. We see hardcore as a vehicle for information, a platform for expression, an attempt to reach kids and, through our songs, get them exposed to messages of consciousness, indignation and revolt. Every attempt to direct people towards the struggle against oppression is important, be it through independent media, movies, drama, workshops, demonstrations, etc. We are totally aware of the fact that hardcore and straightedge are not going to change the word, but they can awaken different feelings in kids that relate to them. Love, hate, indignation or revolt are feelings that can drive the struggle against the real enemies. Through hardcore we try to show that from the moment we are born in a third world country, thus not part of the elites, we are all condemned to the mercyless cycle of slavery, exclusion and death. Therefore, we cannot see ourselves simply as anarquists, communists, or people involved with hardcore, straightedge or punk rock. We are way beyond mere labels. We are part of exploited mass. We are productive force constantly fighting against property and capital, which makes confrontation inevitable. Check:,,,,,,,,,,,, and for booking: